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The New Board is searching vigorously to
locate a new location for Flute Quest 2018.
Let us know If you have any ideas or options
you would like to share with the board or want
to join in on making Flute Quest 2018 happen.

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    Flute Quest is the largest Native American Flute Festival in the Northwest. Adults and children interested in the history and culture surrounding the Native American flute or wanting to learn how to play the Native American Flute are welcome. The festival features beginner through advanced workshops, flute and drum circles, flute and drum vendors and live music on the Festival Stage all day. A great line up of recording artists will be featured Friday and Saturday evenings.

    Tryout the Native American Flute in a free introductory flute class. Join other flute and drum players in free Flute and Drum Circles offered throughout the weekend. Explore and try out a Native American Style Flute available from the many talented flute builders who are ready to answer your questions and put a new flute in your hands. Check out the array of beautiful rattles, fans, drums, and leather goods.